domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009

Caso Madeleine McCann – Hewlett: “Su madre se estará revolviendo en su tumba”

Sunday Express

El hermano del pedófilo Raymond Hewlett – ahora el principal sospechoso en el caso del secuestro (Inciso: presunto) de Madeleine – dice que su madre estará “revolviéndose en su tumba” ahora que él (Raymond) ha sido relacionado con la desaparición.

Pendiente de traducción...

Devastated Bernard Hewlett, 59, said the only comfort was that his mother Lois and father Richard will not have to face yet another police inquiry into their eldest son’s depraved lust for children which stretches back more than three decades.

“We washed our hands of Raymond many years ago, we are a decent family,” said civil servant Bernard at his home in Blackpool, Lancashire.

“We don’t want anything to do with perverts. Mum will be turning in her grave to know what he’s supposed to have done to Madeleine McCann

Bernard added: “Mother and father gradually came round to having nothing to do with him. The knock on the front door from the police happened once too often. I think if it was something like burglary they could have coped with it, but it was always sex-related issues.”

Ex-Scots Guards soldier Raymond Hewlett, 64, who is battling throat cancer in hospital in Aachen, Germany, was living on a campsite a short drive from the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz when Madeleine vanished there in May 2007.

He was branded “evil incarnate” yesterday by his first known victim.

Bette Balfour was just 12 in 1972 when Hewlett lured her into his car, drugged her then sexually assaulted her near Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

“He still haunts me. I believe he is quite capable of taking Maddie,” said Bette, who is now 49, and living on the south coast of England.